David is Coordinator of the VERHAERT DesignLab, helping to innovate with a focus on value driven design, for international brands such as AB Inbev, Alliance, Bosch, Coca-Cola, Friesland Campina, Melitta, Novy, SandenVendo, Siemens, Stryker, P&G, Toro...
He believes that leading in innovation is also about changing expectations & perception of a product and its service.
That's why he looks for meaningful tweaks, in combination with technological leaps to create breakthrough products for strong brands.
David is also Guest Lecturer Product Design at the University of Antwerp.


some recent VERHAERT projects where David was involved as design manager :
Coca-Cola Glacier
Design of a breakthrough cooler concept.

Coca-Cola POP Cooler
Design of a remarkable delivery unit at the point of purchase.

Coca-Cola Impulse Chest Cooler
Design of small fridge for Asian countries.

SandenVendo G-Caffè
Design of a self service coffeeserver.
The large selection dial gives you complete control.  
Pure elegance in an extremely simple design.

Design of a small and luxurious access control display.
Detail of the Dingens Innovacelli
Design of the enclosure of the new innovative barometer.