BOSCH recently launched the Bosch Eyes Outdoor Camera.

As a leading manufacturer of professional surveillance camera's, BOSCH indicated a potential opportunity to extend their product portfolio to the domestic market

VERHAERT began with a profound research into the hidden needs, the purchase drivers and the job-to-be-done, all with the ambitious objective to define the next gen domestic surveillance camera that would attract the ‘home automation’ market in Europe and North-America.  This intensive international design-driven research, followed by a thorough design exploration and international validation has lead to an uncontested, though very intelligible new reference design in the IP camera market. 

The result is BOSCH Eyes, a remarkable front door camera, which acts as a two-in-one: it detects when someone is outside the door, but also works as a porch light for late night callers. Users can connect the camera to any IFTTT supported device, like Philips Hue, to fake one’s presence or to receive an alert when someone is at the front door.

With it’s friendly look, BOSCH Eyes differentiates from the aggressive ‘bullet-shaped’ camera while still being perceived as very performing towards image quality and detection accuracy. The design of BOSCH Eyes is the embodiment of the company’s ‘invented for life’ slogan, reflecting the ambition to enhance the quality of life with solutions that are both innovative and beneficial.

With the Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera, you can see who is ringing your doorbell at any time, day or night – even when you are away.  The combination of camera and built-in lights ensures excellent and high-quality color images, even at night (1080p Full HD video quality). You can easily identify people captured by the system – either in live or playback mode. At the same time, the Eyes Outdoor Camera offers elegant illumination for the exterior of your home.
An integrated intercom (microphone and speaker) allows a two-way communication over an app with anyone within range of the camera from anywhere in the world.