Last year, David Pas coached the company Novy with the development and launch of a new kitchen hood. In the context of the 5X5 project by Designregio Kortrijk, the ‘Novy Mood’ was launched during the leading design event Biennale Interieur. Recently, the innovative kitchen hood was presented on Novy’s booth at Batibouw.
Innovative design language
The displayed ‘Novy Mood’ is an evolved version of the first prototype developed during the 5X5 design coaching track. The new design language was received with a great enthusiasm at the Biennale Interieur. Consequently, Novy decided to further develop the prototype in a – temporarily – simplified version. Originally, the kitchen hood opens more or less depending on the amount of vapor. For now, the movement is not developed yet, but there is interactivity depending on the circumstances of the cooking environment and situation. Thanks to smart sensors, the ‘Novy Adaptive’ is able to communicate with the cooking surface. Furthermore, the user can customize the kitchen hood by choosing the desired light intensity and color temperature.
Design as accelerator
The West Flemish Novy is continuously building on its innovative image. They always put the user first without compromising on quality. To take a fresh look at kitchen ventilation, Novy appeals to senior product designer David Pas from VERHAERT. With a passion for design and innovation, David has been collaborating with the Innovation Consulting department for several years. VERHAERT sees design as an accelerator for strategy development and wants to emphasize this through the 5X5 project. Together, we created a new design language which underlines the future vision of the Belgian quality brand.


David & Orlando

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